Getting ready to pick up my trailer

My trailer is ready and registered and Tuesday I pick it up and bring it back to Montreal.  Getting ready for the trailer is its own adventure.   I bought a trailer dolly, jacks, registered my trailer, have arranged to have the path to my construction site cleared and ready for the trailer to be moved in. I have read about backing up trailers and rented a truck.

My trailer needs a 2 5⧸16 ball on the hitch.  I bought my own trailer hitch, I know that I will need a hitch again in the future and now I won’t have to worry about having the hitch work with the trailer.  A bonus – the hitches were on sale at Canadian Tire.

The truck is actually hilarious.  It is far bigger than I need to tow the trailer back to Montreal, but it’s all the rental company had that accepts a trailer hitch. My 5’5″ self is driving a Super Duty Ford truck, with a huge antenna on the back.  During the drive to PEI we were higher up than all of the other pick up trucks. While packing the truck for the trip from Montreal to PEI, I went to step out of the back seat, misjudged the distance to the ground and ended falling out of the truck.  I didn’t hurt myself, but find myself on my back with my legs up in the air, one shoe went flying into the bushes behind me.  It was pretty funny.  So a word of warning to those who are considering renting a truck to move your tiny home, if you get a Super Duty Ford, the distance to the ground may be greater than you think.

My Super Duty Pick Up truck!
My Super Duty Pick Up truck!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready to pick up my trailer”

  1. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself. Hope the trip home is good. Have moved the wood on both sides of the fence. Your dad assures me that it will only take 5 minutes to get the fence down. Dolly has been assembled. Safe driving.

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