Subfloors and Hardware Stores

I made that all by myself.  Isn't it beautiful?
I made that all by myself. Isn’t it beautiful?

Construction has begun!!!!  The subfloor is currently under construction and it is   challenging, frustrating and exciting.  I started working alone, me with the dogs, music, my fancy drill, my dad’s saw and built the frame for the section of the subfloor.  I had so much fun!  It was really satisfying to put it together.

By the end of the first day of working on the subfloor (yesterday), two of the three sections of the subfloor were mostly put together with the help of my parents. Today, we continued working on those two sections of subfloor, cut the wood for the third section of the subfloor, drilled holes for the rods that are built into the trailer, bought the insulation needed for the subfloor, and I contacted Simpson Strong Ties so that I can get the strong ties that I need to help attach the house to the trailer.

The hold down ties called for in my tumbleweed plans are not available in Eastern Canada. So, I made a couple of trips to different hardware stores to try to place an order.  The customer service department and Simpson Strong Ties was pretty wonderful.  Helpful, quick and pleasant to talk to.  Much more helpful that one of the hardware chains that I contacted locally to place that special order.  I called, trying to place the order, only able to leave a message.  They called back, not leaving a message, so I had to call back without any  indication of whom to reach and their phone system goes directly to a voicemail system that is only really navigable with the extension number of the person you want to reach.  I didn’t know who to contact and when I tried to dial 0 to speak to a person, I was directed to their general voicemail, which is I left my original message.  When I did finally reach a person, and I explained what I wanted to order, they told me I had to come in.  When I did get to the store, they told me they couldn’t make the order because they don’t carry Simpson Strong Ties.  How very helpful.  To be fair, they have been wonderful otherwise, but in this particular instance, they were less than helpful.  Today included 3 trips to the hardware store.

I think I will have to include mileage for trips to hardware stores in my budget.  It’s going to add up.

One thought on “Subfloors and Hardware Stores”

  1. Keep up the good work, Natalie….I am reading with relish, not the edible kind, about your fantastic achievements, and I can’t wait to see the finished product…you are amazing!!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!!

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