House Hiatus

The house construction has been on hiatus for a bit.  The day after my last post,  Michelle came by and we started working on the wall framing.  As I am changing the interior layout of my home from the layout in the plans I bought, the wall framing has to be changed so that I can have support in the right place.  Michelle helped map out window and loft placements, bathroom and kitchen dimensions.  My spatial sense is not my keenest sense.  It was very much appreciated to have someone helping me.  We measured and measured and measured all day and then we made a trip over my neighbour’s house because he has a Tardis at the end of his driveway.

That was my last day of vacation.  The next day I returned to work.  Building after work didn’t make much sense there was only a couple of hours of sunlight and I do not function well without food. So building is limited to my days off.  The next Saturday was supposed to rain, and when a friend posted that there was the possibility of having a late lunch at the Pied du Cochon Sugar Shack, I jumped on it.  It resulted in my loosing 2 days of building.  Saturday didn’t end up raining on the house, but there was a down pour at the restaurant.  Sunday was lost because I had a food hangover. I didn’t know such a thing existed, I certainly do now.  The food was fantastic and very rich.

Sunday, Vergers de chez nous came by and harvested the apples on my parent’s apple tree.  Vergers de chez nous is a local organization that harvests the fruit from neighbourhood fruit trees.  The harvest is split in 3, a third given to the homeowner, a third to the harvesters and a third go to community groups that use the fruit.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to volunteer with them this season, but had a great pick with them last summer and love what they are doing.

On Monday,  we decided to hire someone to help me with getting the framing up.  The loss of the weekend due to weather and food hangovers was less than ideal.  This is my first build, I am not the fastest and any questions I have to answer, take a fair amount of research.  I contacted a local contractor that has worked on my parents house and did a wonderful job.  He came by to check out the trailer and the subfloor.  He wants to build the house in metal to save weight.  It might be a fantastic idea, however I bought plans for a house with lumber framing and have spent the past year learning about and collecting resources for lumber framed tiny homes.  I do not know how to translate  that information for metal framing.

My parents are part of a choir and one of the members of that choir has been building houses for several years and her son specializes in framing.  He came by to look at the trailer and the plans and will be helping me get the house ready for winter, i.e. framed, sheathed and get the roof on.  Yay!  A huge sigh of relief.  Now to get the weather to cooperate…

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