Looks Like Home

17 thoughts on “Looks Like Home”

  1. Hi Natalie, It looks great! very light, cozy and your very own. I will enjoy seeing it in the flesh (wood?)
    Mary Jane

  2. Love it !
    My hat is off to you for doing this, hard work but it must be great fun too. I recently stumbled onto the tiny house movement (no pun intended) and I will definitely be building one.
    Again, congrats !

  3. Natalie, I’m currently building a tiny home in Colorado and would love to come by and have a look at your beautiful home. Where are you located?

  4. I saw your story online from The Gazette – what a wonderful idea! I am used to living on a sailboat (30 ft) – and find it perfect – when conditions are good and no high wind storm is a brewing. I personally find my 700 sq-ft house too BIG – and others gasp when I say this – as they think it’s small. Wait until I tell them about your little gem!! I’ll be following you now – and the other links you have on your page as well!!! Anyone considering shipping container units?

    1. Thank you. I am sure there are people considering shipping container units. I have a friend who has been looking at them. I haven’t looked for or found blogs regarding shipping container tiny homes. Check out Tiny House Swoon for Tiny houses of all shapes and kinds.

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