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Back On The Farm

Today I had a wonderful morning cleaning up garlic that had been harvested at Zephyr Farm.  They planted 9000 bulbs of garlic and we were a group of 10 volunteers who attempted to make a dent in cutting off the stems and roots of the garlic harvest.

Two summers ago, I volunteered on a farm, assisting for the CSA harvest every week on Jen and Derek’s Farm in PEI. I had started becoming interested in where my food came from when I lived in Winnipeg and when I was gigging in Charlottetown, I discovered the farmers’ market and it, among many other things, helped me fall in love with PEI.  I loved knowing my farmers, being able to chat with the people who grow my food every week and being able to thank them directly. I loved knowing that I was eating food that had only travelled 10s of kilometres before reaching my plate (yes 10s, it’s a small Island).  I’d prefer to eat that way all the time.  In PEI, I did, all year-long.  There were some things that I was unable to get from the Island, flour, grains, oil, spices, etc,  but at least 80% of my food was local.  A locavore’s dream.

As I write, I have dirt under my nails, I am a little tired from spending my morning in the sun, working with a group of people.   We got to take a tour of the farm, which was lovely.  We were also treated to lunch.  I miss spending time on a farm every week.  I think I have to do something about that.

Dirty and loving it.
Dirty and loving it.