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Electrical Rough In and Wheel Well Boxes

One step closer to insulating Tiny Refuge.  Once the insulation is done, we start putting up the interior siding.  So exciting!  Before I get ahead of myself, we completed the electrical rough in this weekend.   The work this weekend was stalled a couple of times due to weather and we ran out of wire, who knew a tiny house would need more than 150m (almost 500ft) of 14/2 wire and then some 14/3 wire too. We worked on finishing the electrical rough in on Saturday and filling in the open spaces in the rafters with leftover rigid insulation so that the spray foam will stay in the house and not come out onto the exterior siding.

First thing Sunday, I ran to Home Depot and picked up more wire so we could finish the wiring and Stefan started on the exterior plugs, inlets, the HRV placement, the furnace flue and the porch light.  When I got back, I got continued with the wiring and insulating the gaps.   My mother came and helped us in the afternoon protecting the outlet boxes and the windows by sealing them in plastic.  Stefan built out the sides of the dormers so that they can put in a full 3″ of insulation and then built the wheel well boxes.  I was outside manning the mitre saw.  It was above freezing, which was nice, but rather treacherous to walk as the snow on the ground had a decent layer of ice overtop and I ran out of salt to ice the path.

Next up will be the propane rough in.