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Kitchen appliances

After much hemming and hawing, I ordered an rv propane stove for my tiny house this week.  I am getting an Atwood 21″ 3 burner LP range with an oven.  With the framing of the exterior of the house mostly complete, I would like to get the house insulated so that I can work on the interior throughout the winter.  Before insulating with spray foam (a post later on that), the electrical and plumbing have to be roughed in.  That rough in requires knowing fairly precisely what my electrical, plumbing and gas needs will be.  So I committed to a stove, which for me is an important piece of the puzzle.  I also chose a refrigerator and decided not to go with propane for now, mostly due to cost.  I debated between an apartment sized refrigerator and a compact under the counter model and have surprised myself by choosing a compact refrigerator.

I spent a good deal of time researching tankless hot water heaters.  The one recommended with the plans I bought is over $1000, which is a good chunk of change.  The other one I have seen mentioned quite a bit costs about a third of that, but has terrible reviews both with regards to the quality of the unit and the customer service when it goes wrong.  I am leaning heavily towards this model a Rinnai model which has good reviews on both the product and the customer service and falls between the other two options in price.  It’s out of stock at amazon.ca at the moment, but I have some time before I will be ready to install it.

UPDATE: Tankless Water Heater

I have continued doing some research regarding my water heater and the Rinnai model listed above  is not so suitable for my tiny house as it for outdoor installation and is only rated to -20 C or 4 F. It certainly gets colder than that in Montreal regularly throughout the winter.  I will probably go with the indoor version that requires some ducting.