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And so it begins…

On Tuesday, drove through a rainstorm, picked up a trailer, discovered how amazing bungee cargo netting is, was reminded that people can be truly wonderful, spent 15 hours in a pick up truck and arrived safely home.  It was an epic day.

It was great to spend the weekend in Prince Edward Island.  I got to visit my friends tiny house build, they have made wonderful progress in the month since I was last there.  Their plumbing and electrical are in, the house is insulated – they went with spray foam, the roof is on and ready for the installation of their Kimberley Wood stove (I am a little jealous).  We had a wonderful visit and I got to feed and help herd ducks into their nighttime home.  Ducks are very funny.

My beautiful home in Prince Edward Island.
My beautiful home in Prince Edward Island.

My house in Charlottetown is now empty of my belongings and ready for someone else to make it their home.  It has not yet sold but am confident that it will.  I love that house, it’s about 850 sq feet, I am the third owner and it was built by its original owner just over 60 years ago.  It has character, is in a wonderful neighbourhood and is in pretty good shape, for a sixty year old.

Now, I am back in Montreal, my trailer is in my parents back yard, and construction can begin.  Getting the trailer into the back yard was an adventure in and of itself.  I have an uncle who was a reservist driver in the army in his youth and he graciously came over and backed the trailer into a neighbour’s driveway.  Once it was in the driveway, we unhitched the trailer, and with the help of a dolly and some good old-fashioned heave-ho, we pushed the trailer around my neighbour’s house and through a missing section of fence.  Once at the fence we had to cut down a vine that was up against the apple tree in my parents yard and then it was pushed into the yard.  Check out the next post for a photo diary of the trailer’s journey into the yard.

Today, I cleared out my storage unit, purchased the supplies to start building my house.  Tomorrow the build begins.